Particle Argon disconnects from cloud

I’m fairly new to particle and have had some trouble with my Particle Argon disconnecting from the cloud.
After an average of 10 minutes, The particle flashes cyan and eventually reconnects to the cloud after an average of 3 minutes.
After a few cycles of this, The particle flashes cyan -to green -to orange; and repeats.
Could anyone please give me some insight into what’s happening?

I’ve tried changing my code to Tinker, and this still happens. I’ve also tried resetting the keys.

Hi @alexnoctis76,

Please take a look at this WIFI troubleshooting guide:

Also, would you mind downloading and installing Cloud Debug (link) onto the device? Upon doing so, please send me about ~10 minutes or so of logs produced by the device while it’s having trouble connecting with the Cloud.

The best way to produce these logs is with particle serial monitor --follow in the Terminal of your choice (Mac - Terminal, Windows - cmd.exe, etc…) after installing the Particle CLI.

The Cloud Debug link provides installation instructions, but I’m happy to walk you through the process step-by-step if you like! Please note the de-installation instructions contained within this link.

Cloud debug will give me a lot of insight into the state the device thinks it is in - be it an issue with the network, a system or application firmware issue, a problem with the network coprocessor on the device, etc…, so your efforts in this this respect will allow me to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

If it is preferable to keep your application firmware on the device at this stage of troubleshooting, you can alternatively follow the instructions at the article here (link) to gather trace logging while your application runs (again we request ~10 minutes). However, the Cloud Debug route is easier, more informative, and more objective.

After which, you can log a support ticket with the logs.

Best wishes,

Thank you!
I have done what you said, here is the link to the log, It was over 3000 characters and I was unsure if there was another way to attach the file

Hi, I have logged the ticket and you should have received the email. We continue on our ticketing system.

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