Electron switching from breathing cyan to blinking cyan

My Electron seems to keep disconnecting from particle cloud.

The LED was breathing cyan and events were being published as expected, but after some time I noticed the LED blinking cyan. The LED kept blinking cyan for about 5 minutes, after that the Electron restarted itself and started breathing cyan again. But then again after about 20 minutes, the Electron started blinking cyan, this time it only blinked cyan for about 30 seconds or less, and then went back to breathing cyan.

This keeps happening again and again. Going from breathing cyan to blinking cyan and back to breathing cyan.

Each time the Electron starts breathing cyan after blinking cyan, I can see the event ‘online’ on the event log, and I can also see connEventStats telling me that the CONNECTION_EVENT_CLOUD_CONNECTED went from 0 to 1.

Also each time I see connEventStats in the event log, the millis value is always higher than the last connEventStats event.

What’s the cause of this and how can I prevent it?

Are you using a particle sim or 3rd party? Where are you located? Can you measure signal strength? If not, you might want to flash @rickkas7’s cloud debug program to get a better idea of what is going on.

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Does this debug code work for a Boron too, I’m having similar issues.

There is now a Boron-specific debug program:


Thanks ninja!

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