Boron - Breathing Green

The Boron is not connecting to the Cloud although the console indicates a successful Flash of the program, but when it gets to pulsing Cyan it immediately goes to slow green pulse. This is after I did a factory reset to resolve another problem. I then did a particle usb setup-done to get it to stop flashing blue and go into the connection cycle. However, as soon as it connects to the cloud (breathing cyan for half a cycle) it immediately goes into breathing Green… The program is in use in two other deployed Borons and I have made no changes to it since then (Dec).

Breathing green after breathing cyan would suggest that Particle.disconnect() is called somewhere?

… and that’s exactly what was causing it. I never noticed it before because the Boron is on the backside of a PCB with the Feather on the top. It also doesn’t help that I work on this project for a few weeks, deploy and then move on to something else (on a non-Particle platform). When I come back to Particle I have to re-learn half of what I did previously. Thanks again.

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