Boron blinks green 300s after booting

My Boron device loses cellular connectivity approximately 300 seconds after I restart it. The cloud connection and everything else (sending data via Blynk) work fine (indicated by a cyan breathing LED), but suddenly it switches to breathing green, indicating no cellular data connection. Afterward, I am unable to reestablish the 'cyan' connection; it just blinks green. Usually, if I wait for about a day, I can repeat the whole procedure again, and the connection works for another 300 seconds.

What could be causing this problem?

Breathing green indicates that the device is no longer cloud connected, not that there is no cellular connection.

Are you using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)? This is recommended and may solve your problem.

Are you blocking loop()? In other words, do you have a loop within the loop() function? That will cause a variety of issues, especially without system threading enabled.

Are you using noInterrupts(), SINGLE_THREADED_BLOCK or ATOMIC_BLOCK? These can cause issues when not used properly.

Sorry for not replying earlier.
So far I didn't use SYSTEM_THREAD (ENABLED). But I've tried now. Unfortunately it didn't help. Again after 300 seconds, green started to flash. I observed, that during these 300 seconds, it shortly started to flash green and turned cyan again.
I have no loops within loops. The same code runs on another Boron without issues. It even happens with a normal Blink LED code.

Here the log from the console:

The interesting thing is, when I disconnect the boron from power now and restart it after some couple of minutes, it doesn't connect anymore. Only if I wait for a day or two, the same 300s thing happens.

I'm puzzled. Like the cellular network doesn't want to get the Boron connected...

What could I try next?

Blinking green is a different problem, and is indeed caused by inability to connect to cellular.

The best option is to use web device doctor and get a log. Or you can add to your firmware:

SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_TRACE);

and then monitor the USB serial debug output.