Boron 2G/3G blinking Green

Hello Community,

I am working on Boron 2G/3G for 3 months. There was no issue with connectivity before. This week I noticed there was very less time taken by Boron in the connectivity with the cloud. Now all of sudden, it blinks Green all of the time. I reset it many times, read all the posts in the Community regarding this before like boron-lte-stuck-flashing-green and also run the boron-clouddebug But it still Blinking Green.

P.s Boron 2G/3G, Antenna is attached , battery plugged in.

Your help will be appreciated.

Hey @abdul1 - can you submit a cellular connectivity ticket here:

Be sure to include logs!

Thanks. Raised the Ticket

Please add your Cloud Debug log results to the ticket! You can do so by running the particle serial monitor --follow CLI ( command in your Terminal/Command Line and then connecting your device via USB.

Yes, I already add the logs in the ticket

Hi Community,
Can anyone please help me on this issue. I already raised the Ticket. But not getting proper response . They are taking so much time in resolving the issue. Eventually 1 Email , then no response. It Stopped my Work. I checked with other device as well. Whats is the best way to resolve this issue?


Our Engineer KT is looking at the ticket, but I will provide a response for you now!

Thanks for the ping!