Cannot release Argon ownership

Trying to set up [a used] Particle device Argon using ... able to get all the way through step 3, but when I try to activate, getting: "Another account already owns this device. Ask the owner to release the device before continuing" ... asked and confirmed: owner has released. This error persists.

Select your Orgainization: "Personal Sandbox" --assume this is generic; there is no other choice in the dropdown
Select a Product within your Organization:
--made up a name here because it lets me.

My expectation would be that this four step would create Organization/Product relationship for "un-owned/released" device.

Given persistent error, wondering do I need to set up Organization/Product relationship elsewhere?

Brand new to this, so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong topic or for any other community protocol violation; it is unintentional.

Thanks for any help!


  • Have standard setup: board with antenna
  • Center LED is flashing green before and after failed attempts
  • Flashes yellow during DFU as expected

... let me know any other info needed to figure out what's going on. Thanks again!

Can you DM me your Device ID? It's been claimed to another user - any reason for this?

Hi marekparticle,

Thanks, yes because it was given to me by that user to "play around with and learn some basics" ... reported the issue to that person and they confirm they released it after I told them about the issue.

Their assessment after I reported the issue is persisting was: "Must be a bug on their end."

What is the Device ID, is that the number across the bottom of the nameplate?


It might still be in one of their Products -> can you verify with them that the device isn't in a Product owned by them?

You can grab Device Id here: Finding your device ID | Troubleshooting | Particle.

Hi marekparticle,

Confirmed the device isn't in a Product.


Ok - so I'll need your device ID (send it via DM!) thanks!

Hi, I have my ID, never had an account cuz its in my cleverpet. Can you help me release my p1?