Verifying Product Ownership. P1. Particle Product


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I have been doing a pilot launch of a product with the Particle P1 chip. I have an issue with a beta tester across the world who cannot get pass verifying product ownership stage of the setup process. I have this issue before with the photons and I have just used the CLI to set it up. However, in this case the customer doesnt have knowledge of CLI and that process can get quite messy for a customer. How can I resolve this issue?
Here is a screenshot of the console.


You haven’t explained your product setup model. When you say a customer/beta tester can’t get past product ownership stage does this mean you ship the P1 unclaimed and the device unnamed? Unclaimed isn’t good practice - from a security viewpoint. I guess the device is also not cloud connected before shipping and the customer does this? Do you add the device ID to the product using the console?


Yea they are shipped out unclaimed and never connected to cloud. I add the device ID by console in a text file.

I thought as soon as you connect them to the cloud they are charged.(after 100 devices).


@ScruffR Do you have any input on this matter? How should I handle this?


I’d have to defer this question to @mstanley as I’m not up-to-date with the ins and outs of product development and accounting (as I’m not a Particle employee).


Thanks for pinging me @ScruffR

It should be the case that all associated devices that are added will incur charges past 100 devices, so you are correct that adding your unsold devices would incur additional charges each month. Therefore, I can see why you would want to avoid this.

With that said, we do have libraries available to handle new device setup. You could consider building an app for your user to setup the device through their mobile phone, making using of our provided Android or iOS SDKs. This would not require them to use the CLI for setup purposes and also opens the doors to simple-auth and other functionality that would allow you fleet style management as the device owners, but creating a white-labeled experience where your customer is working through your ecosystem, rather than Particle’s directly.

If you went with a mobile application route that handles the setup of Particle through the SDKs, the devices could still be unclaimed in this state and it would allow you to prevent premature billing for ownership of the devices.


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We actually have an app for Android and IOS using the SDKs. This issue is happening using the app. The last step of the setup process on the app is failing (aka “Verifying Product Ownership”.


Gotcha. In that case, would you be able to provide specific debug logs of the failures that are occurring? I can see about pinging our respective engineers on the SDKs to see if they might have some additional insight.


The product is in a different country from me. I have asked them to ship it back then i can give you specific debug logs.


Hi Div,

Thanks for keeping me posted. My apologies on the inconvenience of having to ship the device back, but comprehensive logs will certainly be helpful in identifying this issue at its root.