Setting owner of a product to a developer? (For CLI)

This is likely a silly question but I haven’t wrapped my head around this yet.

I have a number of E-Series based devices manufactured.

3 were claimed to my developer account initially before being added to a product, then the rest were added via import to that product within my account. This leaves me with the first few devices having owner “” and a number of devices with owner set to “none”.

As these are in prototype stage, I was hoping to use the CLI to interact with the devices but I can only do that on those with owner “”.

Is there a way to set these all to owned by my account? Or is there a better way to do so?

Thanks kindly in advance!

Note: My end customers have no interaction with Particle and do not require customer accounts.

For Electron/E Series products it’s common to have all of the devices claimed to a single account. It can be your account, or a special account set up to own all of the devices.

(For Photon/P1 products you can do that as well, but it’s more common to use customer accounts, either simple auth or two-legged shadow customers. You can use shadow customers with the Electron/E Series as well, but it’s not typically necessary and much more work.)

We do not recommend using unclaimed devices (owner is empty) in a product.

With the device online and breathing cyan you can either:

  • Log into, click the Device icon (circle with 4 lines) and Add Device. Enter the Device ID from the console
  • Use the Particle CLI:
particle device add YOUR_DEVICE_ID
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Thank you once again for such a fast response.

The CLI command you suggested was exactly what I was after - I had mistakenly assumed that by adding a device to my Product that it was in-fact “claimed”.

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