Can't import device into product - getting error "following devices below to someone outside of your organization"

I have a contract manufacturer in China who just received some Argons.

They set one of the Argons by using one of the following methods (not sure which one they used):

The Argon is online and breathing blue.

The 2nd Argon has not been set up yet.

They presumably had to create their own Particle account when they setup the device, right?

They sent me a picture of the Argons, and I tried to add them to my product using the "Add Devices" button in the console.

I was able to successfully add the Argon that has not gotten setup yet, but when I try to add the Argon that has been setup already, I get the following error:

Some devices could not be imported. The following devices belong to someone outside of your organization:
Please double check your device IDs and try again

I read the Introduction to Products guide, but it doesn't seem to include a section on how to add devices to your product after a user has set them up.

What is the method for adding devices to your product after the have gone through setup?

Can you DM me the device ID of the problematic device? I can double-check its status and I'll respond here.

That sequence of operations will not work.

If a user claims a device to a developer account, that devices can only be added to the product if that user is a team member of the product. That's the case in either order (product first or claim first).

The recommended method is to use unclaimed product devices. Add the device to your product first and only set the Wi-Fi and do not claim. See Wi-Fi setup options for details.

If you need to claim devices to non-team members, you can only do so with customer accounts. This is even more complicated, so we don't recommend using two-legged shadow customer accounts unless you have a specific need for them.

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^ precisely what Rick said, this device is now owned by your CMs account, and really the mandatory next step is to have them unclaim this device and follow Rick's suggestions above.

So what do I need to do at this point to get this device into my product? It seems I can:

  • add the CM's Particle Developer account as a team member of the product (not desirable)
  • get the CM to unclaim the device the device somehow (seems to be no documentation on this)

I am suprised to see that there is no documentation in the Particle CLI reference about the particle cloud command.

Howeverer if I type particle cloud help I see:

C:\Users\Boompy>particle cloud help
Access Particle cloud functionality
Usage: particle cloud <command>
Help:  particle help cloud <command>

  list     Display a list of your devices, as well as their variables and functions
  claim    Register a device with your user account with the cloud
  remove   Release a device from your account so that another user may claim it
  name     Give a device a name!
  flash    Pass a binary, source file, or source directory to a device!
  compile  Compile a source file, or directory using the cloud compiler
  nyan     Make your device shout rainbows
  login    Login to the cloud and store an access token locally
  logout   Log out of your session and clear your saved access token

So, it looks like possibly what I need to do is get my CM to open up Particle CLI and run the following command:

particle cloud remove $PARTICLE_ID$

is that correct?

The CM can log into with their account, go into Devices, and select ... on the right and Unclaim. The device doesn't have to be online during this step, but if the device is online, it will stay online, then you can add the device to your product.

If they want to use the Particle CLI:

particle device remove <device-id>

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