Unable to connect Spark Core as a USB device using Particle CLI

Hi Sparkies,
I’m having problems using the Particle CLI to setup my Spark Core. Whether in DFU mode or blinking blue (listening) I am unable to get connection to the Spark via USB. After logging in to the Particle CLI (which I assume means its working) if I try a particle setup, I return the message “no devices detected by USB”.
I have spent hours trawling the forums before posting this - I have updated the drivers with zadig, the Windows 7 device manger sees the Core as a WiFi or DFU device if I switch between modes but I just can’t seem to get through to the Core. I tried the usual different USB ports and leads and am pretty much out of ideas, can anyone help?
Please note: I recently upgraded to the Particle CLI and may have mucked things up. Prior to installation, the guide says uninstall the previous Spark CLI but I missed this and installed the Particle CLI first. I then realised I made a mistake and deleted the previous Spark CLI using npm uninstall -g spark-cli – but I think it’s all working OK. If it means scapping everyting and starting from scratch - is there a guide to doing this?

Are you trying to configure wifi for the core?

The particle-cli has a bug where the Core is not identified on windows: https://github.com/spark/particle-cli/pull/33

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Thanks - that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. But does that explain why it won’t connect in DFU mode. Also is there an option to revert to the Spark CLI, which, although I hadn’t used it for a while seemed to work fine.

If you have something like a Serial terminal,

place the Core in Listening mode and hit w to send Wifi credentials

Hi, thanks for your response. I resolved the issue after reinstalling (and updating) the DFU

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