Two of five E-Series modules give "serial number not found" error

Hi—I’ve set up seven E-Series and Electrons without trouble. But in a batch of five E-Series modules I just received, three will go through setup properly and two won’t. For the two that won’t, I get to the page at where it says “Enter your E Series Serial number” and I do so and it says “serial number XXXXXXX not found”. I’m reading the S/N right off of the packaging like I have for the seven other modules that do work so this seems like a problem on your end, Particle. Could someone please help ASAP? I’d hoped to deploy this thing tomorrow as it’s built into a custom PCB and didn’t think I’d hit a roadblock on this part that I’ve executed a half dozen times!


You may want to also file a ticket at along with directly tagging @rickkas7

However, do the devices make it to breathing cyan?

Also, with particle identify in Listening Mode (blinking blue) you should be able to find out the ICCID of the “eSIM” and may be able to activate the SIM with via that way.


Thanks, @ScruffR. I’m chatting with @rickkas7 via a support ticket now so feel free to drop this thread if you want. But, no, it never makes it to flashing cyan. Just flashes green for ~ 5 mins (haven’t timed it but somewhere in that ballpark) then blue for a couple seconds, breathes white for a couple seconds, then back to flashing green for ~ 5 mins. I’m guessing the blue/white sequence is just a reset.

particle serial identify did get me the other details you mention but when I type the ICCID at where it requests the serial number (I don’t see any place that specifies ICCID on the setup portal), it won’t allow me to proceed to the next step. Thank you!

We’re in business now.

particle serial identify when flashing blue provides the ICCID which can be used to activate the SIM if it’s treated as an Electon—not an E-Series—at

I knew Electron and E-Series were basically the same, functionally speaking, but didn’t know this workaround.