Particle E Series

The Particle E Series evaluation kit just arrived in my hands. It looks very nice.
Has anyone experience with it?


I received mine on Saturday. The evaluation board and installed module worked first time. Highly reliable. In direct comparison with an electron the battery seems to drain faster, I am running the same software.

I have not been able to activate the 3 extra modules. I cannot identify the IDs of the modules to claim them in the portal.

Have you tried the ID that’s printed on top of the module?

Thank you for the question.

I have not tried entering anything that is printed on the module.

The E Series setup requests something of the form XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX which is not printed on top. For the installed module the printed number on the paper sleeve was not anything that was shown on the module itself. The ID on the paper sleeve is decidedly alpha-numeric.

My electron setup used an 18 digit + 1 checksum digit number printed on the plastic card. It worked first time with that. The IMEI printed on the module is 15 digits without checksum digit.

I could try, but I have not.

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