How to connect E Series to cloud

I just received my E Series Evaluation Kit with a card that says simply “” However, I am unable to locate any instructions for activating the E Series with my existing account and other devices. Normally you would enter the SIM card information but since the SIM card is integrated in the E series, there is no card with a ICCID number printed on it. Normal setup for a Electron/SIM setup uses this number. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you/

I don’t have a pen e series, but my guess is to follow the electron workflow?

That was my thought too but dead in water when it asks for the SIM code. I don’t know it.

Did you get an email from Particle about how to set this up?

@will Said emails were going out to the guys who pre-ordered the E0 units.


Ah, yes I did. However, the subject was “E Series Kits and Modules Now Shipping” and since I had already received my kit, I did not read it. Reading it now, the very last statement says “Please note that the E Series activation portal may not be available until Tuesday, November 14 at the latest.”

I was overly anxious it appears. :slight_smile: I’m happy to have received the Kit even if the portal is not yet open. I’ll be ready to go as soon as it is, and of course I can get started working with it even without the cloud.

Thanks for the reminder that “reading is comprehension” lesson. Have a great day.



Where you able to get your E Series Eval board registered? I received my yesterday and follow the instructions on the email but nothing happens when I enter my serial number.

Thoughts anyone?

Yes I was. Once they put up the portal for the E Series I was able to activate it. It did take a few tries as I had to relocate my evaluation board to an area with better broadband reception. The first few times I tried before I move it, failed. Do you have the antenna connected and good broadband signal strength? Where exactly is it failing? You should have a blinking green light when you initiate the process. It should eventually then change to a breathing blue.

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Thank you @sswzone for your replay.

Yes my board is blinking green and I am at a good area for reception. I have another Electron that is working fine.

My issue is when I enter my serial number on the website, nothing happens when I click on the submit button, the spinning particle logo comes on for about two seconds and nothing else. No error message or confirmation message, I am just stuck on that page.

Try entering your serial number and just change the last digit to something random and see if you get the same result or if it gives you an error message that the serial number is invalid. This will at least tell you if the portal is recognizing your serial number. Or maybe change a few digits just to make sure you end up with an invalid serial number

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Correct, it give me an error if I were to change any of the serial numbers.

I was able to activate it on the iOS particle app, thank you for your assistance. I think there might be an issue with the web setup app on a Firefox browser.

Activation of my E did take about 15 minutes after entering the serial number.

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So let me see if I understand what you are saying.

Once I click on the next button, it takes 15minutes for a response?

On the iOS app, it just moved to the next page once I clink on the next button after entering my serial number. Then it appeared on my dashboard.

When I try to do this on the web site; I am stuck on the Enter your Serial number page. Thoughts?

Plan B has always been very good to me as well. I’m glad you got it working. Enjoy!

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Thank you @sswzone.

My E-Series experience from Particle has be horrible. Lack of communication on the Particle team to answer my pre-order questions on shipping dates, eagle library files, schematics etc., and now the setup process was a nightmare.

If it wasn’t for the great experience I had with the Photon and Electron, I would have jump ship; I hope to enjoy my experience from here on, crossing my figures.

@Mkoder, no the web page should not hang - that’s probably a bug - but after activation it did take 15 minutes for my device to connect.
Probably due to the fact that I am located in Austria/Europe and the activation needed to filter through several instances before it took effect.

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I get that and I am okay with waiting 15-30mintues for the process to go thru.

But a bug on a Particle web app on a $200+ pre-order is not acceptable. I get it that technology sometimes do not want to corporate, but there should be transparency and communication to paying customers.

Thank you for your reply @ScruffR, I send and email, but it will take over a week to hear back for them. At the least I am please with community support on here which mostly come from non particle members.

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I received the E Series Evaluation Kit with 3 extra modules. The Evaluation Kit and installed module work fine with Now I need to activate the remaining three modules.

Where can I find the serial number of the 3 extra modules? The web portal for activation requires either the number printed on the box (and the 3 extra ones don’t have a box) or it requires the ICCID, which is on the credit card sized plastic (and the 3 extra ones don’t have a the credit card sized plastic).

Many thanks,



I have not open my extra modules as of yet, I will check this evening and get back to you.



The E Series 3 extra modules should have there serial number on the anti-static package, that is where I found mine. I hope this is helpful.

Any other ideas on where to get the Series E serial number? I don’t have the box and the anti-static bag did not have a serial number on it.

Thanks, Chip