E0 sim card registration

I have my first E0 installed on a pcb and now I want to activate the sim card and connect it to the cloud. I scanned in the serial number on the ublox label and I am waiting for the next button to turn dark blue so that I can proceed. How long should I have to wait? It did scan successfully with my iphone. I am familiar with the Electrons but I don’t see much documentation or I couldn’t find much documentation on how to activate the embedded sim cards on the E0 module. Can someone point me to where I can find a guide to activation of the Sim card and getting connected to the cloud.

I meant activation of embedded sim card, not registration. I’ve been away from the IOT stuff for a while.

Hi Tom,

I’d love to take care of this for you today! Would you mind PMing me the ICCID of your SIM Card or the Serial Number of your device?