E-Series won't connect to cloud after releasing sim from old account


I have two different particle accounts, and I had two of my E-Series boards registered to one those accounts.
I wanted to put these devices on my other account, so I clicked “Unclaimed Device” and “Release Sim” like I thought I should.

Only problem is now the devices won’t connect to the cloud (they’ve been trying all night). Since they can’t connect to the cloud, they can register on the new account either.

When I am going through setup.particle.io, it tells me “The SIM has already been activated”…

I have tried flashing tinker to them, and updating the firmware. Both are running 1.4.0.

I really need to get these to connect, any ideas?

Also, when I run device doctor and get to the point where I can reset the keys, it says that my particle device is not registered to my account. I’ve tried this when logged in with both of my accounts and it still happens…