Can´t claim unclaimed device

Hi, I had an electron with a particle sim on my old account. I unclaimed the device there and now I am trying to claim it on my new account with a 3rd Party sim.
I flashed the newest firmware and my program to the electron. Then i went through the “setup an electron w/sim card” At the last step where the electron should connect to the cloud, my electron does not get recognized. But I think my electron connects successfully to the cloud. blinks green then fast cyan then slowly cyan.
I really dont get whats the problem here ?! :confounded:

You can try to claim the device via Particle Build or Particle CLI instead.

BTW, just to make sure, you’ve got the STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set(APN, "", "", NULL)); line in place?

I tryed like 10 times over the CLI and allways got an Error. On the 11 time it worked :laughing:
But thank you for your help!