Can't claim Electron without active SIM

I want do some testing and development on my new asset tracker v2 and Electron but none of it needs cellular connection at this time (BLE SPI, relays, buttons, etc). I have the Particle SIM in but I haven’t set it up as I don’t want to use data for a while (more than 3 months)

I got the the Device ID, IMEI, ICCID and firmware version via the CLI, so it’s connecting via USB, but when I put the Electron (with a battery and USB) in listening mode and try to do a ‘particle device add 2cXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ in the CLI I get “Device not connected”

I get the same error in the Particle desktop IDE and the,

What am I missing?

You don’t need to claim the device to program it.

Ok I can’t see it in the devices list on the CLI, Console or the IDE. How would you program an electron without claiming?

If you already have any other Electron, you can just build for that in Web IDE.

If you haven’t you can build with CLI

particle compile electron <source.ino>

When your code is correct, you will receive a binary file which you can flash to the device in DFU Mode

particle flash --usb firmware.bin

For more info about how to compile bigger projects and use libraries in your project, you can have a look in the docs

I only have 1 Electron, I have a photon also.

So my options are:

Register the SIM card claim the device and start getting charged


Not setup the SIM nor claim the device and develop the code and manually flash the Electron via CLI

Any other options I’m missing?

You can also use any other SIM to claim your Electron with.
The device and the SIM are not tied together.