Claim Electron that has never been cloud-connected? (Europe/Asia device in US)

I have some “Europe/Asia” Electrons here, and I am building a device that is going to be sent overseas.
It seems that I cannot claim the devices based on the device ID. I’ve had no problem connecting and claiming US devices, but I realized that letting them establish a connection was always a first step.
For the Europe/Asia devices, I can’t connect them, due to lack of radio support (afaik?).

Is there a way to associate these Europe/Asia devices with my account?

I think you can get the device id via usb connection (maybe particle-cli) and use the id in your console/webide to claim it. Have a look in the docs.

The documentation says:
“Your device will need to be connected to the Internet (onboard LED breathing cyan) for this process to work.”

Thus, I am asking if there is a way to do it without this connection, given the issue with it being a cellular device that I cannot provide service to here.

Sorry to be a nag but I do really need to figure out a solution for this … @BDub @ScruffR

I don’t know of a way to inject the claim code into an offline device - but I’m not Particle staff, they might have more background on that
Maybe @bryce or @jeiden?

You can create a claim code using the IMEI or ICCID, but those claims are only valid for one hour.


Hello, I did like instructed and followed the link. I created a claim code but I have no idea what to do with it… I am finding nothing telling me what to actually do with a claim code.

I am in a similar boat as the original poster. I am moving back to the USA from Europe in about a week and want to track an item that is travelling with me. I have the electron here. I know the SIM card can’t be setup here but how can I set up the electron manually?