[SOLVED] Connecting E Series board if you thew away the SIM info

Hello Particle forum,

I accidentally threw away the box sleeve for my E-Series, which contained the SIM info prior to activating the product. Is there anyway to figure out what this products sim info was so I can enter it on setup.particle.io?


There should be a sticker on the underside of the eval board with the serial number as well.

If that’s missing, you can connect it by USB, put it in listening mode by holding down the MODE button, and using the particle identify CLI command to get the ICCID.

Once you have the ICCID, you can set it up as an Electron at https://setup.particle.io and that should work, as you can’t enter an ICCID in the E series setup form.


Hi @rickkas7 Thank you, the sim info was on a sticker on the bottom of the board.

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