E-Series 402 fails to setup; cannot find serial number; flashes green forever

I was encouraged to try the E-Series 402 Electron LTE Evaluation Kit due to comedy of errors I’ve been experiencing with the Boron. I thought Particle might have a more stable industrial product.

Unfortunately, Particle has greatly erred.

  1. Particle’s servers failed to detect the correct serial number for setup.

This picture speaks for itself:

  1. After manually activating the SIM based on the ICCID as reported over CLI, the E-Series flashes green forever eternally and cannot connect to the cloud.

  2. I even tried flashing system part/1/2/3 + Tinker of the newest Electron 2.0.0-rc1 DeviceOS release. Still, it never connected. Now it’s not even trying anymore (flashing green) but is instead breathing white (i.e., dead, gave up on connecting)

What gives?
Why does Particle’s industrial product totally fail out of the box?
Is there any hope to get the E402 working?
Has anybody else ever connected to the internet with the E402 evaluation kit?

UPDATE: After flashing the newest Device version and doing multiple boot attempts, it has now connected, after the above-described fiasco. The issue of Particle’s servers failing to detect the correct number and requiring expert circumvention with other tools remains a valid issue to have on this forum for future reference.