Tracker One cloud reset?

Is there a way to trigger a reboot of a Tracker One from the cloud console?

There is not.

You could add one using either a Particle.function() or using CloudService::instance().regCommandCallback() with your own custom Tracker Edge firmware.

In an emergency you could force a reset by flashing firmware to the device OTA which will reboot after the transfer completes.

Ok, thanks. So, if I were to use a function, what would the system call be (in my firmware) to reboot the device?

@vishnus consulting the documentation is always good!

Great, thanks. I did look at the documentation, guess it was just too buried in there…

Having a {"cmd":"reset"} call in the stock edge firmware may be a useful addition tho’
Also a {"cmd":"help"} to trigger a publish to list out all registered commands (including custom ones) wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


I’ll take that as a feature request :slight_smile:

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