Cloud not receiving Location Events from Asset Tracker with basic setup

I am new to Particle. I have an Asset Tracker / Monitor One connected, claimed, and in development mode. I am able to view it connected in the cloud, and can refetch vitals/ping device successfully.

I am trying to receive location events, which by my understanding should be happening event 15 minutes or so. However the only events I ever get in my event stream are " spark/device/diagnostics/update" (when I click refresh vitals) and a few infrequent system status checks.

If I go to GateWay settings from the device page and try to update the min/max to 10 seconds, it says "Device configuration will be updated when it comes online", even though the status is 'online' and I can ping it. If I do it from Products -> Configure Fleet it provides no feedback but the setting seems to stick between page reloads. But still I have not been able to get any events to come through.

Hi and welcome to the community!
Is there a cloud function called CMD in your tracker?
If so, what happens if you call it with


That should publish the current location.

Do you know what is the tracker firmware version level? Maybe you need to update it to latest.

Hi gusgonnet,

Thanks for getting back to me!

I'm not sure where I would see what functions are currently on my Tracker. On the device page in the right-side panel under "Functions" it says "No functions found on device. Read more about functions here."

Its possible I do not have the requisite firmware installed on the device, my understanding was that the Monitor One came preinstalled with Monitor Edge? ("Your Monitor One device is pre-configured with Monitor Edge firmware that you can use out of the box with no flashing of firmware necessary.")

Just to confirm, the device says "Asset Tracker / Monitor One" so I would want to install
Monitor Edge firmware | Firmware | Particle correct?

I think that is correct. I would try it.

Seems like the CMD function is only available on Tracker One. I wonder why is that.

Hi Gusgonnet,

I cloned the Monitor Edge repo and set up the project. My device is running 3.3.0 but the docs made it seem like if I just target a newer OS version with the firmware that it would trigger an OS update. Did a cloud flash, saw the 'flash success' event in the cloud event stream, however afterward nothing happened and I lost the ability to refetch vitals. After awhile I tried cloud flashing again, this time i got the 'flash status: failed' event, and soon after the device went offline and I havent been able to communicate with it since.

Maybe someone from @Support can help here?

Hi, the easiest way to get the up-to-date binary for Monitor One is to download it from the release page in GitHub Release Monitor Edge Firmware v1 · particle-iot/monitor-edge · GitHub

Tracker Edge is at Release Tracker Edge Firmware v18 · particle-iot/tracker-edge · GitHub

Do you have a Tracker One or Monitor One?

@Moovs do you mind sending me your device ID or serial number over DM? I can check the status.


Hi @Moovs!

I'm Alberto, from the technical account manager team.
Monitor One and Tracker One are different products. It happened to me once to make a similar mistake and flash the Monitor Edge firmware into a Tracker One. It didn't work.

Please check if the device in the image below looks like the one you have. If so, you need to use TrackerEdge firmware. You will need to restore the firmware by USB, cloud flash won't work. The easiest way is to plug it into your computer and go to the setup page again and select "Device with USB port" instead of "monitor one". Over the next steps, the tool will determine your device needs a firmware update for getting TrackerEdge again, accept that. TrackerEdge works in a deviceOS version lower than the most recent, leave the default and continue with the process.

Please let me know if you still having problems with your device after that.


Hi @jalbersr and @eberseth

Thanks for the tips! This was in fact my issue. I dont have the device with me, but I called someone and they checked at it was in fact a Tracker One not a Monitor One. I re-flashed the device and am now receiving location events.

The only issue I'm having now is when I go to save Gateway Settings in the cloud console Im getting an error, "Error during Configuration request". The setting change is sticking in the ui but doesnt seem to take effect on the board.

For context, Im trying to increase the time between each location command because right now it is doing it very often and using more data that necessary.

Device OS: 5.4.1
Firmware: v18

Sounds like the cloud is unable to talk to the tracker. Does the error gives any other information? If possible, grab a screenshot to look at it.

You can try to send a command to the tracker and see if it responds. You can test that by sending a command from your console. In the image below you can see how to send commands. Start by sending {"cmd":"get_loc"} If you get a new location response on your events list, the console can talk to the tracker. The next you can try is to send a {"cmd":"reset_to_factory"} for resetting the factory configurations.

Here you can find some of the tracker commands you can send from the console.

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