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Hi there,

This is my first post here, so I hope I am following the correct procedure.

My question is:
Is there a standard - No Code - webhook for for Tracker One
Either on an interval or by activity (ie, speed, location change, acceleration, etc)

More Detail:

I am sure my question has been answered before, but as i’m still getting my feet wet with particle i’m hoping someone can send me in the right direction.

My requirements for this project are pretty simple as particle seems to have done most of the IOT related work for me.
We will have two delivery trucks running and we are wanting to add a “Follow my driver” button to our app.

I see three options:

  1. Create my own service to ping the particle on a schedule - I have this working
    - The big negative here is that the service requires special auth processes and runs even when the truck is not moving
    > 2) A Webhook that posts updated to our API endpoint - With**out** Custom Code
  2. A Webhook that posts updated to our API endpoint - WITH Custom Code

Do you already own a TrackerOne test device?
The stock firmware does publish events your own back-end can subscribe to at a regular interval (you can set).
You can also set a maximum distance traveled before a location update event gets triggered.

That’s all without any custom firmware on the device nor a webhook involved - only subscribing to the Server Sent Event.

I do own 3 devices, where do I do that configuration?

Is there documentation on this somewhere?

If I understand, I can post the updates to my own api endpoint under specific conditions?

Hi Wesley, and welcome to the community!

Here's a post with a lot of documentation:

Here are few interesting links (that may narrow your search) from that post also:

For sending info to your own API you could use webhooks. Perhaps, I'm not 100% sure.

Please keep the questions coming!

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As Gustavo already said, you could use a webhook to target a HTTP(S) POST or GET endpoint but if your backend would be able to subscribe to the SSE stream directly you'd not even need a webhook. Your server would get all events the tracker publishes to the cloud according to the setup you can control via the product's page in Particle Console.

To see what events the tracker produces by default (before setup in Console) you can already now either look at Particle Console | Build your connected product or Particle Console | Build your connected product.
To subscribe to the SSE stream you could also us CLI particle subscribe (for all devices in your account - check out particle subscribe --help for more options).

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