Tracker System Documentation

There is new Tracker SoM, Tracker SoM Evaluation Board, and Tracker One documentation available!

Most of the documentation can be found in the Tutorials, Reference, and Datasheets sections.


In the Asset Tracking section in Tutorials:

Want to add temperature, pressure, and humidity data to your location publishes using the Tracker Evaluation Board? Check out this example of using a BME280 temperature, pressure, and humidity sensor connected by I2C to add data to location publishes.

And other tutorial resources:



Here you’ll find detailed technical specifications for the:

If you’re building a carrier board you’ll probably want to use the Eagle CAD Tracker SoM footprint in the Hardware Libraries. You can also import this into other CAD programs.

Known Issues and Errata


huge thanks, especially for tutorials. i’m new to the community and generally, there’s a lot for me to learn for my project. i really appreciate the post. wish you all the best.

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I seem to be missing it, but what is the bit resolution of the ADC on the Tracker SoM?

The Tracker SoM has the same nRF52840 MCU as all other Gen 3 devices, so 12-bit.