Tracker One - best way to make a simple modification to firmware to use GPIO

I have some experience writing firmware for Boron LTE and generally understand what I need to do, but it seems like a daunting task to compile the entire v17 firmware. For instance the libraries are missing in the zip for a few of them (maybe I need to use git), and when I try to get them through the CLI the naming is all different so compile still fails…

Is there a tutorial somewhere on the best way to get started with custom firmware on the TrackerOne? (particularly using GPIO would be nice).

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but here’s the tutorial for tracker edge firmware: Tracker Edge Firmware | Tutorials | Particle


Dumb question: are the tracker one and tracker edge firmware interchangeable? I would presume they are the same device…just one is already in a case with a battery and some antennae.

@mjsco, the tracker edge firmware is what runs on the Tracker One or any product you construct using the Tracker SOM. The Tracker Edge firmware is a set of libraries (not part of DeviceOS) which are freely available from Particle (on their github site).


The Tracker Edge repository code is what runs on the Tracker One, but it works with all Tracker SoM devices. There’s a runtime check inside the Tracker Edge code to determine if it’s a Tracker One or not, that’s what enables features like the thermistor, which are part of the Tracker One base board, not the SoM itself. If you have your own board that implements the same thermistor, you can turn it on in software later, as well.

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