Tracker One - method to develop its application


I am developing the code for the Tracker One.

  1. Is it possible to create and flash some simple code like LED blinking from the Particle Web IDE?
  • I have tried it but it seems there is some limitation so that the my code is overrided by default operation - RGB LED does not blink as expected but breathing cyan.
  1. If above answer is yes, is there any example app for the Tracker One on the Particle Web IDE?

Anyway, kindly also suggest a proper method to develop a custom program for Tracker One.

Thank you.

The Tracker One can only be used in a product, and by default the setup process creates a new product and adds your device to it. However, this also configures your device to automatically receive product firmware. In order to program it from any IDE, you must use Mark as Development Device. It’s probably getting your code flashed to it, then immediately flashing the current product firmware back onto the device.

You can flash a simple blink an LED example from the Web IDE.

However, you cannot easily flash the entire Tracker Edge functionality from the Web IDE. It’s too hard to maintain the dependencies manually. There is no example as we do not recommend using the Web IDE for Tracker Edge. Particle Workbench or the CLI compiler is recommended.