Tracker Edge version 12 with Location Fusion and important fixes has been released!

We’ve got a new Tracker Edge release v12.
Some of the highlights:


  • Added enhanced location services (Location Fusion).
  • Added GNSS speed to location publishes.
  • Added dynamic charge current control over temperature.
  • [TRACKER ONE] Added IO/CAN power controls for configuration in application.


  • Changed priorities of first and immediate publishes.
  • Reduced application footprint by migrating to wiring library mutexes.
  • Allow device OS to control battery charge enablement.


  • Fixed issue of default chip select SPI initialization effect on D5.
  • Fixed power management issue with incorrectly written DCT values.
  • Fixed issue with multiple publishes at boot.

When will this be listed as selectable firmware in console?
Currently it’s not there for my product.

If your product firmware has any custom firmware versions then the globally released binaries may be overridden and may not be used as the default release.

So if one - for any reason - may need to temporarily release a custom firmware (e.g. to incorporate a quick fix which will eventually come with the next official firmware) there is no way back onto the official track?

Seems odd tho’

Or would uploading the official v12 bring the fleet back onto the default track?

One-way into the land of custom Tracker firmware. Compatibility issues make it hard to provide the guarantees necessary to automatically upload default Tracker firmware into the product.

At minimum, consider what happens to the version numbers. Particle releases official v11, you make a custom variant on v12, then Particle releases official v12. You can’t upload the official v12 (since it would conflict with your custom v12) to the console but you want the additional fixes Particle has in its v12. So you make a custom v13. Rinse, repeat.

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Are you going to release a version that is based on 3.0.0 final? Right now it’s v3.0.0-rc.2.
Should v12 be considered release candidate quality? Or production?

I ask because v11 was the latest before v12 and was also on a -rc.


@sarfata yes, it is coming soon after 3.0.0. Version 13 will have a few minor fixes and perhaps some offline storage capabilities.