Tracker Edge version 10 with sleep has been released!

Check out our new version 10 of Tracker Edge application firmware with sleep enhancements for longer battery operation. The Particle console is also supporting the settings to enable/disable and fine tune timings of this feature.

A few other enhancements include:

  • Improved GPS lock status with a stability check of horizontal accuracy. Location publishes will be held off until the accuracy is stable.
  • Placed CAN and ESP32 devices into low power mode to reduce overall power consumption.
  • Enabled the RTC watchdog by default.
  • and low battery detect shutoff at 2% state-of-charge and a published warning from at 8%.

Hi @eberseth,

Super glad to see the update to 2.0!

I am trying to use the new sleep feature but whenever I click “save” in the config UI, I get an error about temp_trig (which is normal because my devboard does not have it and I dont think it’s blocking) but it looks like the new sleep config is never sent.

The logs show:

0000051906 [app] INFO: cloud received: {"cmd":"set_cfg","cfg":{"location":{"radius":0,"interval_min":0,"interval_max":300,"min_publish":false,"lock_trigger":true}}}
0000052143 [app] INFO: cloud received: {"cmd":"set_cfg","cfg":{"imu_trig":{"motion":"disable","high_g":"disable"}}}
0000052428 [app] INFO: cloud received: {"cmd":"set_cfg","cfg":{"temp_trig":{"high":150,"high_en":false,"high_latch":false,"low":-40,"low_en":false,"low_latch":false,"hyst":0}}}
0000052430 [app] ERROR: set_cfg_cb: unexpected module: temp_trig
0000052618 [app] INFO: cloud received: {"cmd":"set_cfg","cfg":{"rgb":{"type":"particle","direct":{"brightness":536966788,"red":536966788,"green":536966788,"blue":536966788}}}}
0000052778 [app] INFO: cloud received: {"cmd":"set_cfg","cfg":{"tracker":{"usb_cmd":true}}}

I have a custom product id/version (I have a very slighly modified firmware for my application but I have rebased on your new code). Is there some code on the web frontend that is not sending the sleep config unless PRODUCT_VERSION is less than 11 or something like this?

EDIT: As I typed the few lines above, I gave it a shot with PRODUCT_VERSION 11 and now it’s working. You guys should document this somewhere.

Also the behavior of the configuration UI is very mysterious right now and I am not sure how we are supposed to use it. There does not seem to be a way to add new variables in the web UI (I can declare them in the code but that wont make them appear in the web UI as far as I can tell). Could you give us some pointers on this?


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the feedback. There are changes in the works for more customized configuration in the console to add your own and this may have been an artifact of very basic UI checks against firmware versions. The temperature trigger is present on Tracker Ones but not the eval boards. The error you pointed to in the logs is okay and should be documented. In general, the device and cloud sides are designed to ignore fields they don’t understand so that the entire message isn’t discarded upon schema validation.