Tracker one - bug in asset tracker fleet settings

Playing around with the tracker one.

I set the radius trigger to 10meters in the device tab.

but when I go into the map and use the shortcut by clicking the gear icon, my radius trigger is set to 0.

oh I just notice I set my interval to 60 but it’s 30 in the other menu.

I will change them in both since I want to test right now. Let me know where is the official place I should change it. I guest I will know before someone replies. :laughing:

you need to go to the device tab and not the gear icon.
it was easy to test, I simply change the LED status to OFF and it did nothing in the gear icon settings page.

and it’s super fast in the device page.

They’re not the same setting. The gear icon in the map is the global fleet settings.

The Asset Tracker Settings within a Device is that specific device’s settings, and is only available when the device is marked as a Development Device. The Development Device flag signifies two things:

  • The firmware is being managed on a per-device basis and should not get the product-wide firmware releases.
  • The configuration settings are managed per-device, and are set in the device configuration instead of the global fleet configuration.
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