Tracker Config Size Limits and Per Device Options

I’ve been digging into tracker custom configurations and I love the way the functionality works, but I have two major questions:

The first is in regards to this section of documentation: Tracker Configuration | Tutorials | Particle

When it refers to data needing to fit into the size allowed by a publish, does this mean the entire configuration? Or does each module or property get it’s own publish size?

The second question is in regards to per device configurations. Most of my configuration items are fleet wide and work as expected. But there are a few calibration options that are set per device. I know you can mark a device as development and then make one off changes to it, but are these options then overriden by unmarking it? Additionally is there a way to specifiy a config property as settable at the device level without marking it as development?

The entire configuration needs to be able to fit in a single publish.

There is currently no way to have per-device configuration settings without making the device a developer device. This will cause the device to no longer receive fleet-wide firmware updates. Also, while the device will inherit the product defaults, in practice the device tends to keep those values even if the product default changes. Thus it’s usually best to use a different method for per-device settings in an otherwise normal fleet to avoid these pitfalls.

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Thanks for the quick response. That answers both questions.

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