Detected Invalid Settings (Tracker Configuration)

Hi there,

After experimenting with the Tracker Configuration it seems that my device has saved old configurations on the system. This is indicated by the message in the Particle Console:

How can I flush existing configurations and only use the one that is currently implemented in the firmware?


The setting is probably still stored in the local settings in the flash file system on the device. To reset the local settings, follow the instructions to send a function call to the device.

To the cmd function, send the data:


Hi @rickkas7,

Thanks for your quick help!

Unfortunately that didn't solve the issue. After the reset, I see in the serial monitor that the old configurations are still sent to the cloud where the display message is shown again.

I stumbled across the function Tracker::instance().configService.flush(). I put it right before I initialized my configurations but it didn't help either. But maybe I just applied it in the wrong way?

(I'm using deviceOS 4.1.0 and Tracker-Edge V18)

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