Asset Tracker now supports device level settings

In 2020, Particle released the Asset Tracker with support for Fleet Settings. Fleet Settings allows a user to configure settings such as publish frequency or sleep interval without needing to make a firmware update. Once configured, these settings are sent to all devices in the product.

Since then, we received feedback from our customers that they want to configure settings at the individual device level. We are excited to share that as of January 2022, Particle now supports Asset Tracker Settings at both the product and device levels.

Device level settings allows you to do the following via either Cloud API or Console:

  • Define which settings modules you want to enable at the device level
  • View and edit settings per device for device level modules

As an example, Particle supports the Geofence settings module at the device level by default. We look forward to seeing how you use this feature in your products. To get started, visit the docs.