Asset Tracker Device Level Settings Getting Reset

I’m experiencing an issue with my fleet of asset tracker devices with regard to Asset Tracker Config. I use most of the baseline asset tracker config options in my schema and one set of ‘device-level’ settings. We noticed that all of our devices not ‘Marked as development’ are having their device-level settings reset to the defaults in the schema. What would trigger this type of reset?

Additionally, my test device seems to persist it’s setting through power on/off cycles. So this seems to indicate that the fleet-wide settings are trouncing settings that are marked as device-specific.

This issue has popped up again, about 10 of our 50 units got their device specific settings reset without any interaction on our part. I would like to submit a support ticket about this but don’t have an option on the link.

@Colleen or @rickkas7 can you please help out here? Thank you!

@marekparticle already helping out in DMs