Tell Spark what you want to see us talk about on video

So, the crowd has spoken and we’ve listened. Spark is going to do a short run of technical deep-dive videos into different aspects of our technology. The length of these should be fairly short - around 5 minutes. Nothing too fancy, production-value wise - the content will be king! We’ve discussed internally some cool ideas (e.g., a how-to on building locally, a quick video running through the different ways to change the mode of the Core, etc.) but I wanted to get some ideas from the community as well.

What aspects of Spark technology would you like to see us explore or explain on video? Let us know in this thread and I’ll start compiling a list.


It would be awesome to see the process involved in bringing new hardware to the market… ie the new spark core
and the manufacturing process, i love looking at the mega pick and place machines and the conveyor belts for soldering etc. it blows my mind the things they do in china! cant wait to do a shenzen holiday one day… something tells me to leave my credit card at home :slight_smile:


yeah! A behind the scenes special! :smile:

Awesome suggestion, duly noted :slight_smile: Thanks for participating!

Will it be possible to compile a video demonstrating how all the software related stuff are put into a raw core (I mean a core just out of factory with no bootloader, firmware nothing) initially before making it ready for daily use?

That sounds very interesting, @bijay - I can talk about that with @will soon!

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