Spark at CES - come meet us?

Hello Spark friends,

A few of us will be at CES next week, and would love to meet up with members of the community and product creators while we’re there. If you’ll be at CES and want to meet up, respond to this thread or send me a private message and we’ll set up a time and place.

Hope to see some of you in Vegas!


Where are you guys gonna be? Would be cool to meet you guys.

@zach It would be awesome if you guys would post up some pictures of your booth at CES!

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would have been awesome but we didn’t actually have a booth; we were a bit nomadic. But one awesome thing that came out of it was a feature on Popular Science! Check it out:

@rcordeau sorry I didn’t see your message!

@zach Hell yea, nice little video commercial!

That cube looks sweet.

@zach A year later, anyone from your team headed to Vegas?

Yes! A couple of us will be there (@danjamieson and myself)