Maker Faire Bay Area! (Anyone going?!)


I was reading the Sparkfun blog and they announced that they will be at Maker Faire Bay Area from May 17-18!!!

Sounds exciting!

Just wondering if anyone in the :spark: community is visiting as well? I live in Asia and it would be awesome if you guys who are going share some pictures with me or everyone! :smiley:

Cmon do a shoutout here!!! :smiley:

I would shout, but I came down with a sore throat and crud this weekend. I’ll be overdosing on vitamin C and zinc until the Faire!


I’ll be there! Videoing as much as I can for all of my friends back home. This will be my first time to Maker Faire, so I’m super excited. I hope I don’t jinx it, but I keep looking at the weather and it looks great 65/69 and sunny.

I will be there for the first time. Bringing two kids with me to take it all in.


SO excited for Maker Faire! Get better, @wgbartley!! We need you in top form as you’re in charge of all the heavy lifting, driving, cooking, and set up and tear down of the Spark Booth.

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I will be there for sure eh! Gotta have a Canajian representative after all… eh! First time in San Fran, first time at a Maker Faire. :smile:


I have the vitamin C part covered…

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I wish I could make it to the Bay area, but cross-country trips aren’t in my budget.

Any chance you guys might make it here to the Atlanta Maker Faire this October?

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I’m hoping we make it to some more Maker Faire’s around the world but no definitive schedule just yet.

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I might be able to make that one. It sure is a lot closer to home (Chattanooga), but it’s during the busy season at work, so it may be iffy for me.

What if i say i will be there? :wink:

Will you buy tickets to meet me? :smiley:

I would love to be there but its not possible right now!

I was living just above San Francisco last year but had to move back to Indiana for family issues :frowning: I sure do miss the Bay Area and can’t wait to get back out there.

@BDub Please do take plenty of Pictures and video of everything cool so we feel like we didn’t miss anything.

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@RWB, that is unfortunate. I would have loved to have met you there! There are a lot of makers here in Ottawa that want me to take pics so be sure the entire Team will be doing that :smile:

I will be there and bringing my two of my kids, ages 12 & 18.


I’ll be there! Can’t wait to meet you guys. You gotta make a trip to nerd mecca once in your life, right?

Take-off is in less than 3 hours for me!!!

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This is me at work waiting to head to the airport in a couple hours.


Dude, I’ve been wanting to go since I first heard about it. This is going to be so awexome! Way more awexomer than I ever thought possible.

At the boarding gate guys!

Security is a b****h and will only get worst when I arrive in US.

Time to endure 20 hours of airborne!

20 hours? I don’t envy you @kennethlimcp. Have a safe trip!