Everything in the Particle booth at Maker Faire 2015!

Hey everybody -

We had a phenomenal time at Maker Faire 2015 and had a booth filled with cool demos and Built with Particle projects. Below is a list of things we showed - with links for code and instructions, company websites, and a few shout outs. (Let me know if I’m missing anything!)

Dancing Baby Groot
The darling of Maker Faire. And the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. Conceived and built by @kmmonk

Built by @kmmonk based on some quick thinking ordering from Amazon and @bryce’s original Gongbot

Interactive and addicting Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game by @jerrytron

Joel and Pamela from SparkFun showed off the new shields for the Photon ecosystem.

Created by community member @eely22 and hot off a successful Kickstarter campaign

Put together by the one and only @peekay123 and inspired by a number of community members!

Customizable and cool clock. Also, pong. (by @peekay123)

Details coming soon from @wgbartley

Created by the Particle team but truly brought to life by @will and @jeiden

Iron Man Arc Reactor and Repulsor
A recent Particle team creation complete with Iron Man friendly sounds (bravo @christine @james)

L3D Cube
Built on the Particle Platform, this thing is too cool for words.

Ario Lamp
A healthy lamp going live on Kickstarter next month.

Phew, I think that’s it!