Call For Assistance: Help Hackathoners From The Safety Of Your Own Home

Hi, y’all! As you may know, has been having a massive Hack To The Future multi-city hackathon tour. We are sponsoring and hoping for people to use Cores and generally be awesome.

Sadly, we are not in the cities that this hackathon is going to. We still want people to be able to get all their questions answered, so we have opened up a chat channel on for the hackathon weekends. I’ll be on and off of it over the coming weekends to help out happy hackers, and I’d love for them to see the amazing Spark Love of the community reaching out to them as well.

So, if you have a chance over the next few weekends to hop online and answer a question or two, people will be writing into the Spark Chat from 12-8 PM on Saturday and 8-4 PM on Sunday. Exact schedule is:

March 21-22: Los Angeles, CA
March 28-29: Phoenix, AZ
April 4-5: Dallas, TX
April 10-11: Louisville, KY
May 2-3: New York, NY
May 9-10: Boston, MA
June: Boulder, CO (I think the exact dates are TBA)

Of course, if you are actually going to be in any of these cities at this time, let me know! I’d love to buy you lunch and some Spark goodies to go to the actual event and help hack around.