Instructables Build Night with Spark!

Hey everybody - we are super excited to be partnering with Instructables on their November Build Night. This means that all over the world there are going to be nights dedicated to hacking with Spark (yay!)

Instructables has sent us a list of the participating hackerspaces and we wanted to share the names of spots here in case any of you are nearby. I don’t have individual dates for each location but can try to update here as I find out.

If you are participating please be sure to share projects and let us know how everything goes! You also heard it here first: this may not be the only collaboration we have planned with Instructables this fall :wink:

Buenos Aires - Wazzabi

Borsbeek, Belgium - Open Garage

Vancouver (BC) - Vancouver Hack Space
Whitehorse (Yukon) - YuKonstruct

Cairo, Egypt - Cairo Hackerspace (Nov 21)

Aachen - FabLab Aachen (Nov 19) Sign up / info

Budapest - Hackerspace Budapest

Bangalore - RevAmp
Chennai - Makerspace Chennai

Breda, Netherlands - FabLab Breda

Bergan, Norway - HackBergen

Port Elizabeth, South Africa - NMMU Mechatronics

Southampton, UK - SoMakeIt (Nov 23)
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - Maker Space (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Swansea, UK - Swansea Hackspace

Arizona - TechShop Chandler
California (LA) - crashspace
Florida (Tampa) -Tampa Hackerspace
Georgia (Lawrenceville) - Geekspace Gwinnett
Indiana (Bloomington) - BloomingLabs (Nov 13, Nov 15)
Kansas (Wichita) - MakeICT
Kansas (Kansas City) - KCOHG
Missouri (Kansas City) - The Maker Studio at Science City
New Jersey - SoHa SMART
Ohio (Louisville) Louisville Public Library
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) - NextFab
Texas (Austin) - TechShop Austin-Round Rock
Texas (El Paso) - Fab Lab El Paso
Wisconsin - Milwaukee Makerspace


We’re very excited to be a part of this! (I’m from Bloominglabs in Bloomington, IN).

Our nights are going to be:

Thu, Nov 13, 7pm-???
Sat, Nov 15, 7pm-???

Quick question, the ‘Internet Button’ shield is pretty awesome, but I was having a hard time finding documentation for it. Is there a resource you can point me to? I’m trying to learn as much about this as I can before the build nights so as to be helpful as possible to participants (having a lot of fun with it so far).

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Hey @SteveC awesome that Bloominglabs is joining build night! We don’t have much documentation on the button just yet since we actually haven’t officially announced it - you’re getting an early preview! That said, we’ll have firmware and docs ready to go by build night time so we’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks! I figured it was an exclusive kind of deal since it wasn’t listed yet. Will be fun to give it a whirl.

Egypt Build Night.

Cairo Hackerspace is making the first Internet of Things training in Egypt using stuff.

20 NOV an awareness session about IoT
21 NOV Practical IoT training for the attendees and at the end people will build/hack and make their ideas “The Build Night”.



This is great - thanks for sharing @tou2!

Went to the build night in Aachen, Germany yesterday together with @moors7. Was awesome! :smile:
Tried to build a clock using the internet button shield which worked in the beginning, but somehow failed to retrieve time on the end of the evening, looking into that now. Will publish my little project asap :smile: