Noobie? Run into a wall getting started? Basic Questions about Spark? [CLOSED]

Noobie? Run into a wall getting started? Basic Questions about Spark? Join us LIVE - June 28th - 1PM CST

Hi there, Spark Community - Do you, or someone you know, need some hands-on instruction getting started with Spark Cores and Shields?

We’re going to experiment with a live on-line Spark education session guided by our esteemed Spark Elite Community Member @peekay123!

When: Saturday, June 28th 2PM EST/10AM PST/6PM GMT

Session to include:

  • Short History of Spark’s evolution
  • Setting up Tinker on your phone
  • Connecting your Core to Wi-Fi for the first time
  • Do an LED ‘blink demo’ on our IDE
  • An introduction to cloud integrations and functions
  • A look at for inspiration and possibilities

More advanced sessions will be offered later, so please comment on this thread and let us know what might be a valuable live, real-time session for you to attend.

Attendance is limited, please write to save your spot. We’ll provide some preparation information for attendees via e mail.

Thanks so much to @peekay123 for making this possible! And thank you for Making with Spark - this Community is a wonderful jungle of geniuses.


To anyone who might be considering this, @peekay123 is an amazing teacher. I saw him live at Maker Faire and the crowds he drew in with his intelligence, wit, and energy were huge. He knows how to engage a crowd and cater to all levels of skill.

If there’s a listen-only mode, I would love to attend.

Yes, I do have a slight nerd-man-crush on @peekay123. :wink:


I’ll back up @wgbartley on this one, 100%, and add that @peekay123 is perhaps the most excellent Canadian I’ve ever met. And that’s saying a lot, because Canadians are tops!

Ok, stop it you guys. Are you trying to make me blush or barf? Or both! :stuck_out_tongue:

And, I feel I have to say it because of Teke, you two are the best Americans (technically United Statesins) I have met. Ok, so you’re also the ONLY two I’ve met but that counts doesn’t it! :open_mouth:

I’ll be sitting in to understand the session and learn new stuff:)

I would be interested in sitting in too if that is an option, even though I’m over the “noobie” hump. I’m sure I would still learn something.


Please do join us, @inof8or - As suspected, we’re not really finding the true noobs this way on Community. We’ll be marketing via the Twitters and some direct e mail invites. Drop me a line at, and tell me more about your specific needs and questions. Our other attendee is well beyond beginner status as well.


Although I am also over the “noob” hump, I would love for you guys to hold tutorials over the summer on some more advanced topics, like how to use APIs and more geared towards using the internet for different projects! Thank you for doing this!


The good news is, nobody is an expert at everything, so there’s probably something everyone could learn!

@Teke - Do you keep a running count of the open slots? If there’s still one open a day or two in advance, I’d love to fill it. I’m still very much a newb, but I’d like to leave the slots open for folks who are more n00bier than I am. :smiley:

We’re currently floating at 4 attendees, @wgbartley - @peekay123 and I were thinking of capping it at 6. Would certainly love to have you in there, for learning and teaching. We’ll keep this dialogue open through the week, and we can go ahead and start scheduling other sessions. Seems like interest is spiking :smile:

Everybody can tune in and watch the live stream though right? I’m assuming there will be a separate live stream to just view… maybe that’s a bad assumption.

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@Teke, how many actual “newbies” are attending?

Hey there, @peekay123 - I’ll e mail you directly in a couple hours with the roster and their details. No ‘actual’ newbies. @BDub - I’m thinking we might not open this particular session for observation, just to keep the pressure on @peekay123 and the noobs as light as possible :smile:

Ah ok… record it perhaps?

@Teke, I really don’t mind @BDub and others there since I get the impression our agenda will change given the newbs are not really newbs. Besides @BDub is way smarter than me and he could bail me out of some tough questions. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there people, would love to join the session but will it be recorded? I guess I am a real newbie here gentlemen. :smile:


There’s still room for one more if you want to join us, @KarunanJ - write me at to confirm your space (and tell me a little about what you hope to cover in this session). Thanks!


Hi @Teke @peekay123 I signed up and got a mail acceptance. However I have not received any login details.

Best wishes.


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