Welcome @BDub and @timb as moderators and 'Spark Elite'

Hello all,

Many of you have come to know and love @timb and @BDub, two of our most active community members. Both are wonderfully helpful and help make this community what it is.

As of today, both of these great gentlemen have been tapped as moderators for the community and for a select group of community members we are calling the ‘Spark Elite’. You will see that their forum posts now reflect that title.

This group will expand over the next couple of weeks to perhaps 5-10 of our most active community members, and besides being moderators, they will also act as our advisors and as your advocates, helping ensure that the :spark: Spark team is meeting the needs of the community.

Thanks @Bdub and @timb for all of your help and welcome to the team!


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These guys have certainly helped me get things up and running when otherwise I would have threw the spark core across the room in a fit of frustration from trying to get things working with my minimal knowledge base.

They are for sure some of the Elite people around here. Congrats guys!


Congrats and Thank you for your contributions @timb and @BDub ! It’s really exciting to see how collaborative and creative this community has become. :slight_smile:


Sweet! I’m very happy to be a part of the :spark: Spark team! …having a blast so far and hope the fun never stops :smile: This is by far one of the best communities I’ve been a part of. Tons of talented and creative people here make it a great place to be!


Mwahahaha! Now I have ze power! Bans Everyone, Deletes All Threads

Kidding aside, I really appreciate Zach and the rest of the team’s support and encouragement over the last couple of months. I know @BDub has been here a lot longer (since at least last summer, where he built his own Cores from prototype Gerbers), so it really means a lot that you guys feel I’m useful enough to do this.

Later this evening I’m going to create a master thread listing all the current hardware and software projects I’m working on. This will be a good place for the community to request specific things for me to fix and to monitor and give feedback on my projects. This way I don’t have to make a billion little threads for every single thing I do. (However, when a project reaches fruition I will post a dedicated thread for it!)

You know, a couple of months ago I told @BDub I was really excited to be apart of the :spark: community; that it was amazing to be part of the something I know is going to explode in popularity over the coming months and years. Now that @zach has given me a little taste of what’s in the pipeline for Spark, I have absolutely no doubts that my—our—efforts are going to pay off big time!

Thanks again to everyone on the team and community that’s supported me, helped me and had my back. Strap in gentlemen (and @Steph), it’s going to be a wild ride!


Congrats, to you both! :wink: :wine_glass:

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Dis iz kaos, vee dont enjoy tings here!

But really, I thought the product was great, but the community and guys like timb and BDub make it amazing! Kudos to you both.


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Hey guys, how many :spark: cores are you going to receive as bonus for this new title? :money_with_wings:

Great job… well deserved.

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Great job…they are always providing the right answers :slight_smile:

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