Designing Spark-powered build nights

We’re exploring an exciting new project: Spark build nights, at both local and remote locations!

We’re taking a hard look at the feedback from the Instructables build nights, as well as from the work we’ve done organizing and participating in hackathons. We want to come up with an approach that’s both friendly to new users as well as supportive of experienced makers and hardware hackers.

Right now, we are planning to offer 3 hours of Spark time, including:

  • A 30 minute introductory, intro-to-Spark hands-on tutorial
  • A supplementary set of materials for 3-5 common use cases (along the lines of wiring up temperature sensors, pressure sensors, actuators of various types, etc.)
  • Time for either free or directed builds
  • Help from awesome and well-informed folks to help with both general support and the troubleshooting problems that ALWAYS crop up)

We’d love to hear what you all think of the format, along with anything we may be leaving out, as well as possible locations you’d like to see us consider for our first remote build night!

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