In Store Product Video Display + Spark Core To Get Live Traffic Data

Hey Guys I had a idea real quick and wanted to get some feedback from everyone here about it.

So I’m planning on selling some of our products through numerous retail locations like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, T Mobile, ect…

I’m going to start with the highest traffic locations and plan to have a demo booth that shows off our product + have a small video screen that will play a informational video (Commercial) while the customer is in front of this demo display.

Here is one video display I found at a store that played a video for the product anytime you pushed the red button. I thought it was a nicely finished design so I snapped a picture of it so I would remember who made it later.

The design not really what I’m looking for for my project but the concept is the same. A LCD Screen that plays a video stored in memory anytime a switch is pushed or a sensor is activated, or maybe just in a continuous loop.

I was like if I added the Spark Core to this type of setup I could actually view the interaction data from each retail location these were setup at and keep track which locations were the hottest or which demo stand attracted the most people. You could track the amount of time somebody spent at the demo unit by using a close proximity sensor of some type.

I’m sure there is lots more that could be done that would be beneficial but I haven’t had time to think it all out.

Does anybody have any good ideas or input about something like this and the options that the Spark core could bring to this type of sales setup?

Looks like the perfect place to add internet connectivity to improve ROI.

Pictures of the Guts! :smile:


I love the comments on the back of the pcb. This looks like a pretty cool project. Im not sure that the core alone has the power to display video though. A raspberry pi does, but those things arent nearly as stable for me.

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I wonder if this could be considered; spying ? :slight_smile: In some states you might have to post a sign that says, “We do not share your information without your permission” to cover privacy rights.

@Hypnopompia @spydrop The pictures of the devices internals were found on the internet where some guy found it in the trash and figured he would tear it apart.

I’m building something from the ground up from a basic LCD Screen, Video on SD Card, some input sensors, and a Micro Controller. Not exactly sure yet but it can’t be to hard.

Or maybe a simple mass produced video frame that an loop video on a SD card. Then add the Spark Core on with sensors to send back traffic and interaction data from the demo stand. That’s probably the way to go.

A lot of soda and candy machines have proximity sensors now so the machine knows if someone is standing in front of it and changes its display to try to sell you. One such sensor is the Sharp GP2Y0A21YK which you can buy in different ranges (that one is 4 to 32 inches) and in wide-angle and narrow-angle.