CrimsonCtrl - Trailer

This is my trailer for my project “CrimsonCTRL”, I share the video with this brilliant community for about 1 or two weeks. This should be a thank you for all your help to the spark elites and all others helped me out.
Keep up your good work and may the force be with you!


That’s a really well made trailer, @clyde! We’re watching it at Spark Central, and I don’t think anyone’s going to sleep well tonight. Will you be making this into a full length film? Tell us more!


Hi @Teke ,

thank you for your words. I have to say, I did not know it exactly if I do a “full movie”. Because in my mind this could be super lame if I try to explain my way to my first running and established project. The most people that would watch this would be ashamed when they see what I had done and how simple I put this all toghther. Most of them would scream “Why in hell did you do this in such a circuitous way” or "Nooo man what have you done that is damn false you have to…xyz"
This was a long way for me, with no knowlege and only the internet and later you as community to come as far as I am today, so take these small tribute as it is. Maybe some day (and 1000 dump questions later) there comes another Video with Spark in it.

If you wonder why I took no Spark Logo in my Video - I do not know of copyrights… :slight_smile: If there is a good resulution of your Core Logo or presentation material, feel free to send me a PM. I will include it to that trailer

There are a bunch of things they have to be finished first:

  • Getting the Core running with the local cloud
    Connect on the first time not on the 30st or 40st connection
  • Getting the spark.publish on local :cloud: back to work
    It works with the Spark WebIDE but since I used the local cloud it stops working. afaik @Dave is on that topic (if he got some time for that)
  • Bring the button to run that I´am able to activate the stone circle light over my html5 page.
  • Renovating my first floor… in the video you can see alpha/beta installation with a hateful orange colored rough coated wall …
  • Installing empty tubes in the wall to get the system on a nice and shiny place
  • Elaborating on things they are currently hidden in twilight and definitely pops up on an unpleasant time

last words like the Gouvernator has done: It´s time for me to giving something back :blush:

Update: oh clyde don´t take to much tranquilizers…sorry for my english

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