Got My Cores..YEAH!

Cores arrived yesterday, very nicely packed…and i have already started playing :smile:


Let me know if you get the twitter example working! I keep getting an error.

Nevermind! I was totally getting an error about the number of characters in my message string the other day… now it works great :smiley:

What are you making with it first?

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I am working on a Remote RGB LED light project that uses LEDs driven by the WS2812 chip.

Trying to learn the API so i can turn stuff on and off…what about you?

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Keep us updated! I’d love to use a Core to control RGB LED lighting around my desk and room.

First project was a temp/humidity tweeter for my cigar humidor! paired with the twitter sample code does quite nicely :smiley:

I too am playing with a pile of WS2812s - check the library over at!

I don’t know why, but seeing rainbow RGBs gets me all tingly in my special parts.

Not even kidding, I love this stuff. (sorry for crap photos, these lights are so damn bright)