Suggestions to attach multiple mini-circuit boards

I’m using the photon to create a wireless Race Timer gate. The contestant runs between two poles with 7 IR LED beams equally spaced in a 29" area on the pole. The software is done. I have a working prototype… However, each transmitting and receiving component is currently on a small solder-in breadboard that I cut from a larger board.

The receiver has a receiver, a resistor, a capacitor, and three wires up to 20" in length. You can tell from the few components, the breadboard is almost unneeded.

So, here’s my question. What recommendations does the group have that would simplify the manufacturing of these boards (or just solder components and wires together)?

I have a tendency to have a printed circuit board fabricated for everything. I certainly could have soldered wires onto the TO-92 DS18B20s but instead I had these board fabricated.

Yes, there is one trace (and ground plane).

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Are they expensive? Did you make them yourself? If not, who would you suggest?

I ordered the bare boards from OSH Park because they’re cheap for tiny boards and they take the .brd files from Eagle CAD directly, no need to create Gerber files. The total cost was US$13.95 for 9 boards, including shipping.

(There are many other board manufacturers out there, and many people love Dirty PCBs as well.)

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I just got 9 boards produce and shipped from Osh Park also that are about half the size of @rickkas7 design shown above and it was only $9.

Boards arrived in like 14 days also so not to bad on shipping times either.

OOPS… I only have a MAC so I don’t have a design tool.

I use Kicad which I’m pretty sure works on Mac.

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Eagle works on a Mac, that’s what I use. With limited board size and two layers only, it’s even free. Kicad is good too.

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