Unofficial Core/Photon protoboard

Hi all!

Some time ago when moving a Photon project from a breadboard to universal PCB I came with a idea for custom protoboard which should make it easier. Main goals were to have same/similar pinout to a breadboard and to use double entry SMD headers to make the profile super thin. Here are the results (will post photos tomorrow):

If anyone wants one you can order it on OSHPark or use the source Eagle/Gerber files to make it yourself.

Let me know what do you think about it, if there’s something you would change or add :slight_smile:


I would respect the keepout area under the antenna.

Here’s the documentation.

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Thx Andy! I wasn’t aware of this.

Also I was wondering if whole Core/Photon should be moved to far right as currently USB plug would cover part of it anyway.

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All of the above, and perhaps make it suitable for the electron as well?

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Promised photos:

I’ll address the issues above later today :slight_smile:

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Here’s modified version:

Any notes? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is no Electron Eagle element at the moment so Electron version will have to wait a bit.