Electron - pinout ballpark

Hey, just wondering if there’s any ballpark info out there regarding the eventual pinout of the Electron. Specifically, I’m wondering if the electron will have the following:

  • UARTs (how many free uart ports)
  • SPI interface?
  • I2C interface?
  • PWM interface?
  • ADC and DAC interface?

I know that there are still changes to be made with the board layout, but I just thought it would be nice to get some reassurance that the Electron will have these types of things.


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@macdonaldtomw, take a look here for the pin mapping of the Photon :smiley:

So, at some point in the future when the datasheet for the Photon gets released, I can look at it by clicking on that link?

@macdonaldtomw, somehow I had put the wrong link! Try clicking on the link again and it will take you to the pin mapping files on github :wink:

Are they equivalent on the Electron (since that’s what the question was about)?

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OH crap!!! Maybe I should pay more attention!!! What a dufus I am :flushed: Sorry, @macdonaldtomw, there is no pin-out yet available for the Electron.

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