Eagle library for spark core and photon


I understand that the design work for the cores was done using Eagle. Can anyone tell me if there are Eagle libraries for the spark core and photon available? I did download the Eagle files from the web site but found Eagle 7.2 reports the files files as not being Eagle files so I cant even open them.
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For the photon: https://github.com/spark/photon/tree/master/libraries

For the core: https://github.com/spark/eagle-libraries

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Hi Kennethlimcp,

OK I get just the same with these my version of Eagle says they are not Eagle files. Any idea what I need to do? I am uploading the error message for you.


I had this before and should be how the file is downloaded from github. Try downloading the entire repo as a zip and try again? :wink:

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Many thanks that fixed the problem.

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How about an Eagle library for Electron? It would be nice to have one part for Photon and Electron, perhaps with silkscreen indicating Photon pinout for putting the smaller Photon on a board that accommodates Electron as well.

I don’t think the hardware is locked down yet. You might have to wait a bit on this one. Any insights, @BDub?

Hi guys, Did you have any update on any Eagle library for the Electron? Following up on this thread because I’m interested in working with it. I bought & received a few units, so I’d like to work with the Eagle file. Thank you for the help!

You can grab it here in the libraries folder - https://github.com/spark/electron

A guy who lives about 8 blocks from my school happens to be a circuit board designer who uses eagle software and wants to help at the local makers club. Looks like a really good time to learn how to design a circuit board that works with the photon.

Does anyone have any links to example eagle layouts using the photon that the particle community has made? Above are the links to the Core, Photon and Electron just wondering if anyone has links to projects they are working on have already completed.

For some reason, I couldn’t get some of the links above to provide the files I needed. Here is an updated location of the Eagle files that worked for me: https://github.com/particle-iot/hardware-libraries/tree/master/Eagle