Photon P0 footprint and software

Hi guys - long time no see!

I see in the photon github a Eagle footprint for the P0/USI module. I do all of my design work in KiCAD - does there exist a technical drawing for the module that I can use to make my own footprint?

Will the complete software be made available for the P0 for an integrator to make changes beyond the scope of what can be done in the web UI, similar to what was possible with the Spark Core using local development?

I have an existing design for a ruggedized IO and controller based on STM32F4 with dual 100Base Ethernet on the front panel. This year I’m looking to bring it to a wider market and offer a WiFi version by replacing the Ethernet switch chip and magnetics.

Hey @mattande! Would this help ya?

We will be creating a datasheet that we can share, but the library part does exist up there right now. We have made a couple minor changes to it since that one was posted. I’ll be updating the repo soon.

Yep, the software is coming soon to a repo near you :slight_smile:

Thanks- I considered using a conversion tool but don’t feel confident without checking the footprint against a drawing.

There is still some time before March so I have until maybe mid-Jan before I need to send prototypes to fabrication. I’ll keep an eye out for updated documents.

I’m sure this is in the works, but an integration guide would also be helpful. I’m curious how you are handling the software based antenna switching without an external RF switch on the Nov 12 Photon schematic. An optional external antenna is something I would like to incorporate as well. Any issues with FCC certification on this design?

It will become more clear when the repo updates :slight_smile: Hang in there!

Any update on P0 footprint documentation? I see (from the changlog) that the antenna switching will be handled with an external RF switch, though the BOM has not been updated with the new schematic. Can you regenerate the schematic .pdf for v010 for us non Eagle people?


@BDub might still be in China for the manufacturing preparation etc etc.

I have quickly saved the V010 - photon_at7020_1 into a PDF if you don’t mind :wink:

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Added two PDFs :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also the BOM was updated earlier today… check it out!

Thanks for the BOM update.

Why are you carrying all the “original design by …” stuff around on the 2nd page of the schematic ?
I can’t see anything on the photon that can be traced back that far.

Hey @mattande, there are a few people doing work on Kicad packages over at

Where can I find the P0 footprint documentation in pdf form, or am i stuck downloading eagle and figuring out how to use it enough to get the information myself ?